So many posts on wedding blogs (like this one at ) deal with stress, anxiety, and just plain sorrow regarding what is supposed to be one of the happiest days of a person's life.  Should the day that weds you to your life-partner and soul-mate be the cause of so much pain and suffering?  Doesn't this seem "wrong"? 

But again and again we see the Bridal Burnout Syndrome in evidence in the weeks and days leading up to the big event.  What causes otherwise normal and sane folks to lose it during this time?    One explanation is the idea of perfectionism magnified beyond control that a wedding unleashes.  Many people try to "one up" each other in having the best and most memorable wedding.  Maybe the focus should return to having the most heartfelt and personal day?  

The brides and grooms who seem to fare the best in avoiding Bridal Burnout Syndrome, are the ones who keep the reason for the wedding at the forefront of their planning.  Simply posting a letter of love to each other on the front of the refrigerator that you see each day might be enough to head off the tantrum that might erupt later over who forgot to pick up the wedding invitations.  Having regular date nights leading up to the big day is another great way to stay connected and focused.  We're talking Balance here with a capital "B".    Here are some other ideas to try before the big day:

Couples massage:  Relaxing together is a great way to keep your eye on the purpose of the wedding.  To start your life together in joy and health.

A yoga party with close friends and family:   What better way to unwind than by stretching with breath and awareness?  Let yourself really release into final resting pose at the end.

Couples acupuncture session:  Acupuncture helps energy flow freely through the body promoting health and harmony. 

Life Coaching:  Set goals together to minimize stress and prepare for the joy of not only the wedding but for the life ahead.

Dream Interpretation party:   Let yourself dream big and then use dream interpretation help you learn more about yourself and your future. 

There are endless resources out there for helping engaged couples navigate the path towards their wedding day.  Take advantage of all offers of help and most importantly, stay focused on the meaning behind the big day.  We'd certainly be honored to support you from "Ahhh" to "I do" ... and beyond.

With warmest wishes for your happiness,

Terri, Brenda, Sarah, and Jan