Declare your independence from stress and worry!  Tips for learning how to cope with any kind of stress but especially Wedding Stress!

It is so crucial for you to take time out for yourself while planning a wedding.

I well remember the stress and anxiety that comes along with planning a wedding. The endless lists, money worries, unreasonable expectations, and personality struggles that come along with it.

Here's my first tip for you:

Take 5 minutes to go to a place where you can be left alone and quiet. It doesn't matter if it is indoors or out as long as no one will bother you during this time. Let's call it your "recharge time". It is crucial that you take some time each day to recharge and relax. Even 5 minutes a day can make a difference, 10 is better, and 30 is the best.

Here's what I want you to do with this first 5 minutes. Breathe. That's it. Sounds crazy doesn't it? But when you breathe in and out through your nose slowly and deliberately, things begin to change inside of you. Your heart rate slows down, your blood pressure drops, and your mind clears. Now here are your breathing directions:

Breathe in slowly say quietly to yourself, "I breathe in happiness" and then slowly exhale and say quietly to yourself, "I breathe out release". Repeat this for at least 5 full breaths.  That's it. Don't believe it works? Give it a try and then check back in with me here to tell me how you felt afterwards. What have you got to lose?

Wishing you only joy and harmony for your big day and beyond.

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